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Internationalization Through Technology

December 30, 1899


Promoting virtual exchange practices that internationalize teaching and learning in higher education

ACE recognizes the power of technology-enabled people-to-people education programs, also known as virtual exchanges, to advance global learning, intercultural s​​​kills, and cross-border collaboration for a greater number of postsecondary students. ACE advocates for the integration of collaborative online international learning (COIL) and other similar methods of virtual exchange at U.S. higher education institutions and has supported its advancement through the following programs and initiatives:

​​U.S.-Japan COIL Initiative (2017-2019)

Expanding U.S.-Japan higher education ties through collaborative online international learning (COIL).

ACE COIL Leadership Academy (2017)
A two-day professional development seminar for leadership teams interested in establishing COIL programs on their campuses.​

Internationalization Through Technology Awards Program (2002, 2010, 2012-2014)
An awards program that recognized and promoted the use of technology to enhance institutional internationalization and global competence of students at U.S. colleges and universities.


ACE Resources on Internationalization Through Technology 


Bringing the World into the Classroom

This 2010 award program recognized the innovative use of technology in the classroom to promote internationalization.

Study Abroad (At Home) by John O’Brien (2017, Higher Education Today


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This group is for those interested in Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) and virtual exchange in high​​er education. The purpose of the group is to share lessons and resources, and to network with peers across the United States and worldwide.​

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