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Employer's Guide to CREDIT: Types of CREDIT Reviews

December 30, 1899



ACE’s College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT®) reviews a wide variety of training programs from courses to examinations, including languages, certifications, and apprenticeship programs. 

​With over 35,000 programs evaluated, CREDIT is the national leader in the evaluation of education and training obtained outside the classroom. 

Learn more about the different types of reviews offered by CREDIT:​​​​​

Course Evaluation 

Review of the content, scope, rigor and assessments of training programs, apprenticeships, non-accredited general education courses, and other types of courses to determine alignment to post-secondary programs. Course evaluations may be conducted on-site or virtually.

Examination Evaluation 

Review of the content, scope and rigor of examinations, certifications, proficiency tests and other types of assessment to determine alignment to post-secondary programs. Examination evaluations may only be conducted on-site. 

Authorized Instruction Site (AIS) and Authorized Test Provider (ATP) 

Periodically, an organization may offer or wish to offer courses that already hold ACE credit recommendations. In these situations, we review academic processes of third party providers to determine whether they meet the Criteria of Eligibility to offer courses or exams owned by a host organization that has already received a college credit recommendation from ACE.

Review on ​Demand (ROD) 

This is a virtual review designed for organizations seeking to review more than 20 courses or examinations. Please consult with Corporate Alliances​ to see if your organization qualifies for this type of review.  ​​​

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