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Collaboration and Partnerships

December 30, 1899

Establishing and managing successful collaborations and partnerships abroad is a key aspect of internationalization for many institutions. Such relationships can provide international experiences for students and faculty, enhance the curriculum, generate revenue, and raise the visibility of institutions at home and around the world.

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Examples of Partnership Programs and Agreements

Grand Valley State University

Grand Valley State's Padnos International Center provides a partnership development guide along with a list of existing international partnerships.

International Partnerships: Guidelines for Colleges and Universities

Examples from an ACE publication that describes the fundamentals of planning, developing, and implementing international partnerships.

Michigan State University

Michigan State University has issued guidelines for writing an MOU/MOA with international partners. This website also contains a searchable database of MSU's international agreements.

Princeton University

This is Princeton University's official template for writing international memoranda of understanding.

University of California - Riverside

UC-Riverside lists its international agreements policy on this website.

University of Minnesota

Guidelines and sample documents for international partnerships are listed on the University of Minnesota's Global Programs and Strategy Alliance website.

University of Nebraska - Lincoln: Faculty Exchange

This is the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's template for faculty exchange agreements.

Indiana University

The Office of International Partnerships at Indiana University has worked closely with IU General Counsel and other administrative offices to develop agreement templates. These templates are intended to help IU faculty and staff get started with the drafting process.

Oregon State University​

To formalize international collaboration efforts, the Division of International Programs works with colleges and departments to develop and track international agreements. Staff in IP are available to assist in guiding students through the process of establishing an international agreement.

Global Engagement Planning Process and Policies

Grand Valley State University: Establishing an International Partnership

This website lists three models for international partnerships as defined by the Grand Valley State University Padnos International Center. From this webpage you may view GVSU's current partnerships and access their partnership development guide and sample international agreement.

Indiana University Policy on Offshore and Cross-Border Programs 

This document outlines Indiana University’s policy regarding the approval of cross-border programs, which include branch campuses, offshore academic programs, overseas university centers or offices, and distance education programs. The purpose of the policy is to protect the interests of IU as well as those of the students, faculty, and staff who participate in these programs.

University of California, Los Angeles: Policy on University International and Exchange Agreements

This policy document defines types of agreements, required approvals, responsibilities, and procedures related to university exchange programs.

University of Cincinnati Flowchart for Creating International Articulation Agreements

This flowchart details the University of Cincinnati’s process for creating international articulation agreements. Sample documents include an articulation agreement, course equivalency table, possible sequence of courses, and a transfer guide.

University of Tulsa: International Partnerships Guidelines

This document outlines the different types of international agreement that the University of Tulsa would approve through an outlined process. 

Tracking International Partnerships and Agreements

Duke University

Built to facilitate communication, encourage collaboration and enable the sharing of resources by faculty, staff and students here at Duke, this interactive map allows visitors to see country specific information on program, un

it and school activity; partnerships and agreements; faculty areas of interest; traveler and alumni information as well as highlighting activity in a specific country. Those countries marked by increasingly darker shades of blue represent a higher proportion of Duke activity.

Indiana University: Registry of Partnership Agreements

This is a database that lists IU’s international exchange agreements. Each partner institution is listed with contact information, a description of the agreement, and the activities taking place under the agreement.

North Carolina State University: Database of International Connections and Expertise (DICE)

In addition to listing partner institutions and countries with affiliations to North Carolina State University, this searchable database also includes internationally connected faculty and staff.

Oklahoma State University​

This is a list of international institutions with which OSU has an active agreement. Agreement types consist of general Memoranda of Understanding and Activity Agreements for specific services or projects such as study abroad activities, cohort and twining agreements, etc.

University of Cincinnati: Online System for Managing International Collaboration (UCosmic)

This is the online portal for managing international collaboration at UC. The website includes a searchable database, as well as lists of international institutional agreements, education abroad programs, faculty international activity, and study organizations with an international focus.

University of Delaware

This website contains a database of the University of Delaware's ongoing global partnerships.

University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota's website lists current formal partnerships and guidelines for establishing a partnership.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

This database enhances and streamlines access to information on the international expertise of faculty at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. It is free of charge and available to faculty, students, and the general public.


Higher Education for​ Development (HED)
An ACE affiliated program that worked in close partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) to link U.S. institutions with international partners and individuals through field work, exchanges, and joint research projects. Program operations ceased in FY 2015 when the USAID contract ended. ​


 Partnership Director Job Descriptions
Other Resources on Partnerships

Agencies and Associations in the U.S.

The organizations listed in this document are a few of the many possible sources of contacts and information when creating and engaging with international partnerships. The list includes groups specific to a geographic region, national associations of higher education institutions, and organizations focused primarily on international education and exchange.

Funding Sources

This document contains a list of organizations and government agencies that offer resources for the development of relationships between institutions. Some programs offer opportunities for individual study, teaching, or research abroad; and others provide funding for cooperation at the department or institution level.

Useful Publications

This document contains a list of publications that contain useful information for higher education institutions engaging with partners abroad. The inventory includes directories of colleges and universities abroad, guides for integrating partnerships into a campus-wide internationalization plan, and reports on international student mobility and international development projects.

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