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Academic Review Task Force Commends ACE Credit Review Process, Identifies Areas for Continued Attention

October 06, 2014



​An Academic Review Task Force says the ACE College Credit Recommendation Service is a leader in providing students with a means for obtaining credit for formal training in workplace and military settings that takes place outside traditional degree programs.

“The ACE course evaluation process currently exercises a high level of rigor that can be said to be at least comparable to how most institutions evaluate the quality of their own new courses,” concluded task force chair Michael V. Reilly, executive director of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, in a letter to ACE President Molly Corbett Broad and Cathy Sandeen, ACE’s vice president for education attainment and innovation.

The nine-member task force also identified several areas for ACE’s continued attention. Among them are recommendations to “reinforce the ‘federal definition’ of academically engaged time rather than time in a classroom” as more competency-based or mastery programs take hold and to provide a list of course evaluators by title, faculty appointment and name of institution to the public “as a means to communicate the diversity and quality of ACE course reviewers.”

Sandeen said the task force’s recommendations have been accepted and are being implemented.

“Many colleges and universities have long trusted ACE to provide reliable course equivalency information to facilitate credit award decisions,” she said. “We very much appreciate the work and recommendations of the Academic Review Task Force, which will help ACE CREDIT continue to offer high quality service and extend our work into reviews for newer course formats, providers and credentials.”

Members of the task force came from a range of higher educational institutions, educational associations, accreditation organizations and industries that have experience with credit for prior learning. All were representatives of outside organizations, aside from Kevin Reilly, ACE presidential advisor for leadership.

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