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College and University Partnerships

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College and University Partnerships

  • Current research shows that adult learners are more likely to enroll in, persist in, and complete postsecondary programs when institutions recognize students’ prior learning. To help those learners succeed, institutions need to offer comprehensive, integrated programs that serve a diverse range of learning experiences. ACE’s College and University Partnerships (CUP) provides support to institutions or systems that are building or expanding credit-for-prior learning policies and practices.

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    ACE CREDIT College and University Partnerships

    As a growing number of adults across the United States require more postsecondary education, they look to colleges and universities with programs and services to meet their needs. Institutions in the ACE CREDIT College and University Network do just that with the recognition of ACE CREDIT recommendations.

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    The ACE Credit College and University Network

    The Network consists of education institutions that consider ACE credit recommendations for transfer credit toward degree programs.

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    CUP Regional Liaisons: Connecting Experiential Credits to Colleges

    ACE introduces two Regional Liaisons for its college and university partnerships network. Together, they offer a customized approach to education attainment and innovation.

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  • College and University Resources

    ACE can help colleges and universities attract adult learners, translate their prior learning experiences into college credit, and move them towards degree completion.

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    College and University Partnerships Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) Tools and Resources

    There are many tools and resources that you can use to support CPL implementatoin and expansion, provide faculty development in prior learning assessment and engage students.

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    Classroom Training

    College and University Partnerships - Current Field Initiatives

    CUP's seasoned staff provide technical assistance to institutions to facilitate credit for prior learning options. They support institutions, systems, and consortiums with the implementation or expansion of CPL programs. Some of the current initiatives may be found here.

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    Internal Marketing: Building Credit for Prior Learning Commitment across the Institution

    Panelists from both two-year and four-year institutions engaged webinar participants in their discussions about building strong CPL practices and products that serve students effectively while also engaging their colleagues consistently. The discussion centered around how to build sustainable CPL programs and the idea that institutional stakeholders need to be informed and engaged from policy to practice.

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    ACE Corporate Membership

    The ACE Corporate Membership program offers engagement opportunities and access to ACE leadership and members; communications and insights to help you understand how to better serve campuses throughout the country; year-round visibility and brand awareness; and special opportunities aligned with the ACE Annual Meeting, the nation’s premier higher education event.

  • ACE Regional Liaisons: Engaged in the Field

    Beginning with this quarter, ACE’s regional liaisons will share their current projects across the country to demonstrate how institutions are applying and articulating ACE credit recommendations and other credit for prior learning (CPL) options within their institutions and state university systems. If you identify projects or training initiatives that may be beneficial for your institution, please contact the respective Regional Liaison or email for assistance.

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    2017-2018 College and University Partnerships Webinars

    The American Council on Education (ACE) College and University Partnerships (CUP) Division will host a complimentary webinar on October 18, 2:00-3:30 ET, on credit for prior learning (CPL) pathways with ACE CREDIT* recommendations. Collaborative Credentialing: Back to School with ACE CREDIT Recommendations features three organizations: JetBlue Airways, Saylor Academy and These organizations have created postsecondary pathways for JetBlue employees through credit for prior learning options. Learn about the JetBlue Scholars program from Cody Cleverly, Manager for Academic Programs at JetBlue, which provides employees with a degree pathway through alternative credits.

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    Being Intentional About Including Faculty in Credit for Prior Learning and Administering Portfolios

    ACE Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) stimulus institution administrators provide information about CPL programs, faculty training and development and tools and resources for professional development.

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    Mapping Military Training and Occupations - Part One

    This 2-part webinar convenes a group of representatives from two-and four-year institutions that have put effective processes into place and begun to build “maps to credentials” for a range of degree programs.

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    Mapping Military Training and Occupations - Part Two

    This 2-part webinar convenes a group of representatives from two-and four-year institutions that have put effective processes into place and begun to build “maps to credentials” for a range of degree programs. In Part 2, view examples of degree maps articulating military training and occupations and providing options to fulfill competency gaps.