Darren Cambridge

Director of Content Strategy, Professional Learning

Darren Cambridge joined the American Council on Education (ACE) in February 2020. He produces digital learning content and experiences and facilitates social learning spaces that help senior leaders of colleges and universities transform higher education.

Previously, he was co-founder and CEO of Mia Learning, an educational software company developing conversational artificial intelligence that helps children to become more powerful and purposeful readers. He also led the Washington office of the National Council of Teachers of English, securing authorization and funding of a comprehensive federal literacy program; directed large-scale projects and multidisciplinary teams across multiple organizations and government agencies focused on education policy, technology, assessment, and professional learning for the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, Intel Education, EDUCAUSE, and the American Association for Higher Education; and served as a faculty member in higher education and integrative studies at George Mason University.

He has served on the technical advisory board of IMS Global Learning Consortium; as third country representative for the Europortfolio project; and as founding board chair of the Association for Authentic, Experiential, and Evidence-Based Learning. He currently serves on the board of the Maya Angelou Schools. He has been the keynote speaker at national and international conferences in eight countries on four continents and he has authored, edited, or produced more than 35 research and policy publications, including award-winning books, reports, interactive websites, and video collections. He won the MacArthur Foundation Digital Media and Learning Faculty Prize in 2012 for Eportfolios for Lifelong Learning and Assessment.

He received his AB from Wabash College and his MA and PhD from The University of Texas at Austin.