Engage Conversations: Freeman Hrabowski and Peter Henderson on UMBC’s Innovations in Student Success
January 13, 2020

​​​​​Success is never final. That is the enduring message in this exclusive Engage ​Conversation featuring Freeman A. Hrabowski III, president of the University of ​Maryland, Baltimore County, and Peter H. Henderson, senior advisor to the president, talking about UMBC's unique approach to student success in STEM and beyond.

Touching on issues from the UMBC basketball team to the importance of change in higher education, Hrabowski and Henderson inspire listeners to ask how they can build a community on campus where staff and students can push each other to be better.

Available only on ACE Engage, the conversation features a discussion of Empowered University, written by Hrabowski, Henderson, and Philip Rous, as well as UMBC's approach to shared leadership on campus. It is hosted by ACE's Philip Rogers and Sherri Hughes.

Peter Henderson joined us on ACE Engage to answer your questions about Empowered University, UMBC, or shared leadership. Log in to ACE Engage or create a complimentary account to continue the conversation​​.​

Engage Conversations: ​Innovations in Student Succes​s​

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