Nominate a Student Veteran for ACE’s Student of the Year Award
November 04, 2019

​As Veterans Day nears, ACE is encouraging institutions and mentors to honor a veteran by submitting a nomination for the Student of the Year Award. Nominations from those who know of the accomplishments of a deserving student are due by Nov. 22.

Through this award, ACE recognizes adult learners who have benefited from the use of ACE’s military or workforce credit recommendations to earn a college degree or advance a career. Student veterans and active-duty service members who have used ACE credit recommendations on their Joint Services Transcripts towards completion of a degree program are eligible to be nominated.

As part of a national strategy embedded in our strategic commitments, ACE is helping post-traditional learners achieve success by expanding flexible completion pathways through innovative learning. Nowhere is the impact of that work more evident than through the achievements of the annual ACE Student of the Year award recipients. Student veterans are more likely to pursue a post-traditional path than other learners. For example, five years is the average time veterans delay entering college after graduating from high school and 61 percent of them took classes online, at night, or on weekends. Fifty-four percent are enrolled in associate degree or certificate programs and 44 percent are enrolled in bachelor’s degree programs.  

The ACE Student of the Year award goes to two learners who embody the best attributes of thousands of adult learners. In addition to the application of ACE credit recommendations for military or workforce training to a postsecondary degree program, award winners must demonstrate:

  • Continued success in academic, professional, personal, and community endeavors.
  • Extraordinary achievement in their community or workplace while successfully balancing the demands of family, career, and education.
  • Inspiration to others in setting high educational goals.

Students may nominate themselves. Each ACE Student of the Year award recipient will receive a check from ACE for $1,000 to continue his or her education and a travel honorarium to accept the award at ACE’s 102nd Annual Meeting, March 14-16 in San Diego.​

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