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Panel Member: Gaining Traction in a Global World


Eduardo J. Padrón


Colleges and universities have a responsibility to educate future generations. We now live in a globalized world that is very different from even 20 years or 40 years ago. In order for us to live effectively in that world, ACE, in its role of advocacy as well as leadership, has a responsibility to facilitate opportunities to understand the importance of global engagement for leaders of colleges and universities. ACE can also provide practical suggestions and assistance to help institutions become better engaged globally.

The report addresses global engagement in a way that can resonate with institutions regardless of their type or location. Private and public institutions, four-year and two-year institutions, research universities, and community colleges will all find it to be a very valuable document.
Eduardo J. Padrón is president of Miami Dade College. He is also chair of ACE Board of Directors (2010-2013) and a member of the ACE Blue Ribbon Panel on Global Engagement.