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From Our President: Opening Doors to Achievement



​In March, ACE and Pearson unveiled a unique and exciting joint venture that will fundamentally change the future direction, design, and delivery of the GED® testing program and enhance ACE’s continuing commitment to lifelong learning.

Outlined in the cover story of this issue of The Presidency, this nonprofit/for-profit partnership will concentrate the unique expertise and resources of each partner to expand access to the GED testing program, adapt the GED test to meet 21st century needs, and help transform the nation’s adult education system. The result will be a strong, sustainable, high-quality assessment that carries with it more options for adults who pass the test. The beneficiaries of this partnership will be not just future test takers, but all Americans, who bear some of the societal cost of the 39 million adults who currently lack a high school credential.

The new GED Testing Service LLC will build on past experience in adult and continuing education by harnessing both the considerable resources of Pearson, the world’s largest education and testing company, and the nearly 70-year history of ACE in this area. Our combined strengths will expand access to the GED test and adapt it to 21st century testing practices.

The resources provided through this partnership also will ensure the future quality and continued integrity of the GED test and enable ACE to dedicate new resources to its mission as it relates to lifelong learning, particularly to the GED 21st Century Initiative.

The three primary components of the GED 21st Century Initiative will include:

  • A new, more rigorous GED test aligned with emerging national standards, including the Common Core State Standards designed to ensure career- and college-readiness.
  • A national test preparation program featuring an expanding array of innovative and personalized learning resources to offer more learning pathways—different ways to study and succeed.
  • A transition network that connects GED test takers to career and postsecondary education opportunities.

Through its Division of Programs and Services, ACE will expand its work on adult education, focusing on two of the above areas: learning pathways and the creation of the postsecondary/career transition network, reflecting ACE’s longstanding commitment to increasing access and attainment.

We look forward to bringing you future updates on the work of the new GED Testing Service LLC and of ACE, as we work together to ensure that millions of Americans have a chance to enjoy the opportunities that a high school credential provides.

Molly Corbett Broad
American Council on Education
Marjorie Scardino
Chief Executive