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ACE President on Global Engagement


Molly Corbett Broad


In the report Strength through Global Leadership and Engagement, which is discussed in a special insert in this issue of The Presidency, we use the phrase “beyond sovereignty.” We have always been aware that knowledge is beyond sovereignty. But what is different today is that the pace at which all of that is happening would have been unimaginable a very short time ago. For ACE to fulfill its mission in this light and help colleges and universities maintain their great stature, it seemed to me absolutely essential that ACE take a fresh look at where we stand today in terms of the increasing importance of internationalization.
I think the report makes a number of contributions that will shape what ACE does in the months and years ahead—what we will do in our programming, our research work and its dissemination, and in how we will position and scale our work in internationalization and global engagement.

At the same time, we also realize that the accelerating pace of internationalization and its strategic importance are often not matched today by either priority or policy strategies in American institutions of higher education. Many institutions lack coherence in their strategic policies on international matters. I hope that the report will serve as a wake-up call that a university in the United States cannot continue to be a great institution in the coming decade if it does not have a coherent strategic policy for global engagement that is aligned with its mission. We think one of the most important things for ACE to engage in on behalf of colleges and universities is to identify ways in which institutions can build coherent international strategies.
Molly Corbett Broad is President of the American Council on Education.