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Student Aid Alliance Launches Signature Campaign

October 26, 2011


​More than 8,875 presidents, students, administrators and others have signed a public statement of support for federal student aid hosted by the Student Aid Alliance (SAA).

The SAA, a coalition of higher education organizations that includes ACE, began the campaign in response to recent congressional budget cuts to student aid, as well as concerns that the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (the “Super Committee”) might target these programs.

“Tough budget decisions in DC have put pressure on all federal spending, but cutting student aid, a long-term investment in our nation’s future, doesn’t make sense,” the statement reads in part.

Signers can also use the website to send letters to members of Congress in support of student aid. Other opportunities to get involved will be forthcoming as the Super Committee nears its Nov. 23 deadline to identify $1.5 trillion in cuts to the federal budget over the next decade and the FY 2012 appropriations process continues.

To sign the statement, click here.

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