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ACE, Higher Education Associations Ask Administration to Help Libyan Students in United States

May 10, 2011


ACE sent a letter today to the Departments of Homeland Security, Treasury and State seeking financial and regulatory relief for the approximately 2,000 Libyan nationals studying in the United States.

The United Nations Security Council froze Libyan assets on Feb. 28 over the current unrest in the country. This move left Libyan students in the United States, nearly all of whom are fully funded by the Libyan government, with no financial support.

In addition, approximately 200 of these students’ visas are expiring May 31, leaving them no choice but to leave the United States in the midst of the conflict in their home country.

The letter asks the secretaries of Homeland Security, Treasury and State to consider allowing Libyan students to temporarily remain in the United States past May 31. It also requests that if the Obama administration unfreezes Libyan assets for humanitarian purposes, some funds be set aside for these students.

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