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Comprehensive Internationalization: Collaboration and Partnerships

December 30, 1899


​U.S. institutions are increasingly pursuing opportunities to expand their global reach through collaboration and partnerships, including student and faculty exchanges, joint and dual degrees, branch campuses and other off-shore programs. Careful planning, ongoing support and regular assessment are important to the success of such ventures.

  • Strategic planning. Collaborations are aligned with institutional mission, goals and available resources. Adequate time is allotted for development.
  • Partner selection. Potential partners are carefully reviewed and selected based on shared goals, mission fit and ability to support and sustain the collaboration. The scope of each relationship (e.g. friendship agreement, program-level collaboration or institution-wide partnership) is clearly defined.
  • Formal agreements. Memoranda of Understanding detail partnership goals, each party’s responsibilities and financial obligations as well as evaluation procedures. Also included, a release/termination clause.
  • Assessment. Partnerships are regularly reviewed for both operational and programmatic effectiveness. Changes are discussed and implemented as needed.
  • Partnership tracking. Institutions track their partnerships and agreements, and they make information easily accessible to faculty, staff and students.



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