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CIGE Insights

December 30, 1899


CIGE Insights: Global Higher Education

This series of occasional papers explores key issues and themes faced by higher education institutions around the world as they respond to an increasingly complex and interconnected global landscape.  Papers include a variety of national and international perspectives, expert commentary, and recommendations for policy and practice.


Leading the Globally-Engaged Institution: New Directions, Choices and Dilemmas (PDF 1 MB)

This paper explores issues discussed by North American and European institutional leaders at the summer 2012 Trans-Atlantic Dialogue, including the impact of the economic downturn on internationalization efforts, the role of student mobility, curriculum, and co-curriculum in internationalization, language and cultural issues inherent in global engagement, and student learning assessment.

Challenges and Opportunities for the Global Engagement of Higher Education (PDF 1 MB)

This paper explores key issues surrounding the global engagement of higher education, and asserts that institutions are better served in partnerships abroad if they have undergone the process of comprehensive internationalization first. Topics include models for collaboration, institutional “foreign relations” policies, fiscal motivations for global engagement, and higher education‘s role in national interests and public diplomacy.


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