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ACE2018 Is Your Ticket to a Behind-the-Scenes Look at What's Coming Next in DC

September 27, 2017



​ACE2018, ACE’s 100th Annual Meeting, will offer valuable opportunities for campus leaders to learn what to expect from federal policymakers in the coming months on topics such as immigration, Title IX and budget and appropriations.

Among the public policy-focused sessions at the meeting, scheduled for March 10-13 in Washington, DC, will be ACE Senior Vice President Terry W. Hartle’s federal relations update, a comprehensive overview of Washington higher education policy.

Higher education matters have been at the forefront during the first year of the Trump administration—from President Trump’s travel ban to the decision to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy to new Title IX campus sexual assault regulations and the president’s proposed student aid and research budget cuts.

Whether those or other issues, such as tax reform, are at the top of the agenda in March, Hartle will detail the state of play of all the important topics affecting higher education at the federal level.

ACE will celebrate 100 years of leadership and advocacy at ACE2018, the country’s most distinguished higher education event, attracting nearly 2,000 leaders from presidents to deans and representing all institutional types. This centennial gathering will feature an array of sessions about critical topics in higher education, as well as special programming and expanded networking events to stay connected to other leaders. 

Click here to visit the ACE2018 website for more information and to register. Join the conversation on Twitter at #ACE2018DC.

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