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ACAC Participant: West Virginia

December 30, 1899


​Name of Program: West Virginia College Application and Exploration Week
Year Program Started: 2010
Program Website:
Program Coordinator: Jessica Kennedy
Email Address:

2014 ACAC Program
Dates Hosted: October 20-24, 2014
Number of Participating High Schools: 116
Number of Participating Seniors: 3,899
Number of College Applications Submitted: 5,215

2013 ACAC Program
Dates Hosted: October 14-18, 2013
Number of Participating High Schools: 88
Number of Participating Seniors: 3,107
Number of College Applications Submitted: 4,202

2012 ACAC Program
Dates Hosted: October 1-5, 2012
Number of Participating High Schools: 80
Number of Participating Seniors: 4,400
Number of College Applications Submitted:


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