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Internationalization and Global Engagement

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    Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization

    The Executive Forum for Leading Internationalization is an annual meeting of college and university presidents, chief academic officers, and senior international officers to explore strategies for advancing international education.

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    Making the Case for Internationalization

    This page is designed to help you create strong arguments for internationalization on your campus. In some cases, you may be looking for new arguments to make to your stakeholders; in other cases, you may be interested in strengthening existing arguments with better evidence and examples. Some of you may want to create a separate, formal statement on the value of internationalization, which we call a case statement. Others may want to integrate these arguments into other documents and resources, such as a strategic plan.

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    The Internationalization Collaborative

    The Internationalization Collaborative serves as a learning community that provides a forum for faculty and administrators to share ideas and help each other in furthering their international agendas. Members share information about institutional strategies and outcomes and key issues that need further research and advocacy.

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    Transatlantic Dialogues

    Since 1989, ACE has engaged in a series of biennial meetings with the European University Association (EUA, formerly CRE: The Association of European Universities). These invitational meetings provide an opportunity for presidents, rectors, and vice chancellors from the United States, Canada, and Europe to engage in an in-depth conversation on contemporary higher education issues.

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    Internationalization in Action

    Strategies and good practices for engaging faculty in internationalization, gathered from participants in CIGE programs and other experts in the field. Examples, sample documents, and advice from a variety of institutions are included in this feature.

  • Mapping International Joint and Dual Degrees: U.S. Program Profiles and Perspectives

    A study of international joint and dual degree programs at U.S. colleges and universities which includes information about institution and program characteristics and policies, academic focus areas, partner locations, and programmatic challenges, as well as how joint and dual degree programs factor into broader institutional strategy and planning.

  • Internationalization in Action: Internationalizing the Curriculum, Part 4 - Disciplines

    The fourth and final installment of the series on internationalizing the curriculum, this installment address curriculum internationailzation at the discipline level.

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    ACE Internationalization Laboratory

    ACE's Internationalization Laboratory provides institutions with customized guidance and insight as they review their internationalization goals and develop strategic plans.

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    Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement

    ACE's Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement (CIGE) provides in-depth analysis of critical international education issues and administers programs and services to support higher education institutions' internationalization and global engagement strategies.

  • Internationalization in Action: Internationalizing the Curriculum, Part 2 - Academic Program Components

    This installment of Internationalization in Action tackles the second level of curriculum internationalization: integration of individual courses into larger academic program components.

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