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Access and Success

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ACE on Access and Success

  • Although significant progress has been made over the past decade to put higher education within reach of all students, gaps remain in access to and graduation from college. These gaps limit the employment opportunities and life chances of students from poor and marginalized communities and also play a sizeable role in slowing down American economic growth and global competitiveness.
  • To address the issues of access and graduation, President Barack Obama has made college completion a cornerstone of both his higher education and economic platforms, with the goal of graduating the highest proportion of college students in the world by 2020. The higher education community is responding on a range of fronts, including creating tuition and financial aid policies geared to the needs of low-income students; working to establish stronger links between two- and four-year colleges; and designing more effective academic support programs. To investigate other options, in cooperation with five other higher education associations, ACE has convened a national Commission on Higher Education Attainment, chaired by Ohio State University President Gordon Gee.

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