ACE Advocacy News - Recent Activity all of the recent Advocacy Activity from ACEen-usCopyright , American Council on Educationdonotreply@ace.eduThu, 05 May 2016 20:47:00 -0500ACE News Feeds 1.0 Advocacy News - Recent Activity Today's Top Higher Education NewsJustice Department officials repudiated North Carolina’s House Bill 2 on Wednesday, saying the law violates the U.S. Civil Rights Act and Title IX and could possibly cost the state billions in federal education funding. In other news, the Student Achievement Measure has started a campaign to count part-time and transfer students in federal graduation rates, which currently include only first-time, full-time students., Higher Education Groups Comment on Distance Education Provisions in Teacher Preparation Regulations​Along with five other presidential higher education associations, ACE submitted comments to the Department of Education on the distance education provisions in its proposed regulations for teacher preparation programs., Associations Urge Congress to Preserve Pell Surplus, DoD Research FundingThe groups sent a letter expressing strong opposition to any effort to take funds from the Pell Grant Program to use for other purposes in the FY 2017 Labor-HHS appropriations bills. Report: Federal Aid Rarely Affects Tuition Policy at Colleges and Universities​A new monograph written for ACE finds little evidence that increases in federal financial aid drive up college tuition, and that institutions rarely rely on federal aid as a rationale to give out less of their own institutional aid. Releases Memo on Campus Political Campaign ActivitiesWith the 2016 presidential election in full swing, ACE has reissued its memo on Political Campaign-Related Activities of and at Colleges and Universities. Poised to Reinstate Perkins Loan Program​Congress is poised this week to reinstate the Federal Perkins Loan Program, which expired on Oct. 1. The Senate today approved a bill renewing the program for two years, although with restrictions that will raise costs for many borrowers. The House is expected to follow suit on Thursday. Court Takes a Second Look at UT's Admissions PolicyThe U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Dec. 9 in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (UT), a case that focuses on UT’s limited use of race in its admissions process. Loan Supporters Push for Reinstatement of the Program​ACE, 53 higher education organizations and 535 colleges and universities are requesting a one-year extension of the Perkins Loan Program, which expired on Oct. 1. Ask Congress to Prioritize Higher Education in FY 2016 Labor-HHS Spending BillACE and a group of 21 higher education associations ask for higher education be made a priority as appropriations committees move forward on the remaining spending bills for the 2016 fiscal year. of Education Announces Accreditation Plans​The Department of Education has released a package of measures designed to enhance higher education accreditation, part of the administration’s push to make accreditors focus more on student outcomes. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on the Department of Education's Accreditation PlanThere is no question that accreditors are being called upon to watch institutions—especially low-performing schools—more carefully and the Department of Education’s action comes in response to that imperative., Higher Education Groups Submit Brief to Supreme Court for Second Hearing of Fisher v. UT-AustinThe U.S. Supreme Court will rehear the case on the University of Texas at Austin's diversity in admissions policy Dec. 9. Ways and Means Hearing Looks at Higher Education Costs and Tax Policy​ACE Senior Vice President Terry Hartle was among the witnesses before a House Ways and Means subcommittee hearing on the role federal tax policy plays in controlling college costs. Court Rules Against Payments for Student-AthletesThe Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday issued a long-awaited ruling in the closely watched O’Bannon v. NCAA class-action antitrust lawsuit. Passes Bill to Extend Perkins Loan ProgramThe House has passed a bipartisan bill to extend the Perkins Loan Program through October 2016. The program is set to expire Oct. 1 barring action by the Senate. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on the AAU Sexual Assault Climate SurveyColleges and universities are working extremely hard to prevent sexual violence on campus, and climate surveys are one potentially valuable tool in these efforts. BUZZ: White House Releases College Scorecard, Announces FAFSA Changes​The Obama administration announced two major initiatives over the weekend: The launch of the new College Scorecard website, and a major step toward FAFSA simplification in the form of “prior-prior year” income data. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on the Department of Education’s Revised College ScorecardThe Department of Education has unveiled its new College Scorecard website, the tool it is offering in place of the administration's plan to rate colleges. Subcommittee Holds Hearing on Sexual AssaultA House subcommittee yesterday held the latest in its series of hearings to discuss issues related to reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, this time to deliberate on preventing and responding to sexual assault on campus. Dismisses Northwestern Football Players’ Unionization BidThe National Labor Relations Board has ended an attempt by Northwestern University football players to unionize. In a unanimous ruling, the NLRB declined to assert jurisdiction in the case. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on Hillary Clinton’s Student Loan PlanHillary Clinton has rolled out a $350 billion proposal designed to help millions pay for college and reduce interest rates for people with student loans. Court: $41.5 Million Jury Award in Study-Abroad Case Could Discourage School TripsThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has issued a decision in the so-called Hotchkiss School “tick-bite case,” a study-abroad liability suit in which ACE submitted an amicus brief last year. HELP Committee Holds Hearing on Campus Sexual AssaultThe Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee held a hearing July 29 on campus sexual assault, one in a series of panels the committee has held in conjunction with its work on Higher Education Act reauthorization. Passes Need-Based Education Aid ActThe House of Representatives yesterday voted unanimously to approve the Need-Based Educational Aid Act of 2015 (S. 1482), sending the bill to President Obama for his expected signature. Releases Groundbreaking Report on Race, Class, and College AccessNew report examines contemporary admissions practices at four-year colleges and universities across a wide range of selectivity in the context of recent legal challenges to race-conscious admissions. Appeals Court: Legality of Unpaid Internships Depends on Educational Value of WorkA federal appeals court has agreed that unpaid internships can be legal if the students are gaining an educational benefit from the work, a positive ruling for the ability of employers and higher education institutions to continue to offer students these opportunities. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on the U.S. Supreme Court Granting Review in Fisher v. University of TexasThe U.S. Supreme Court has again agreed to hear a legal challenge to the race-conscious admissions policy at the University of Texas at Austin, first decided by the court in 2013. Department Scales Back Plan to Rate CollegesThe Department of Education (ED) announced yesterday that it has scaled back the planned Postsecondary Institution Ratings System (PIRS) first announced by President Obama in August 2013. Moves Forward on Education FundingThe House and Senate appropriations committees both passed their FY 2016 Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education bills this week, and the results were somewhat mixed for higher education. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on Department of Education's Ratings PlanThe Department of Education is now planning a consumer-oriented website that will not include a scoring system or any evaluations of colleges. Appropriations Subcommittee Approves FY 2016 Education Spending BillThe House Appropriations Subcommittee that oversees funding for the departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education, has approved a FY 2016 spending measure that might best be characterized as better news than expected for higher education. HELP Hearing on College Affordability Focuses on Declines in State FundingA Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee hearing on ensuring college affordability focused on the continuing pattern of state disinvestment in higher education and the direct impact it has on college costs, student debt loads and access to higher education. and Diversity Collaborative Issues SyllabusDesigned to map relevant issues about campus diversity and direct institutions to important resources that can help them understand these issues, develop effective policies and mitigate legal risk., Higher Education Groups Comment on Data Transparency-Consumer Information PaperRead ACE's comments to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee about Sen. Lamar Alexander’s policy paper on Federal Postsecondary Data Transparency and Consumer Information. Passes FY 2016 Budget ResolutionThe plan cuts more than $5 trillion in spending from nearly all federal government agencies over the next decade, including $496 billion from the overall pool of funds for student aid, scientific research and institutional support., Higher Education Groups Comment on Alexander Accreditation Policy PaperRead comments from ACE and a group of 28 higher education associations and regional accreditors on Sen. Lamar Alexander’s (R-TN) policy paper on accreditation. Proposals Would Have Negative Consequences for Students and InstitutionsSenate HELP Committee proposals to add risk and cost for institutions participating in federal financial aid programs would penalize all students and institutions in attempt to address the behaviors of a handful of bad actors. to Save Student Aid LaunchesThe Student Aid Alliance launches a campaign to increase awareness and spur action against congressional threats to curtail federal student aid programs. Begins Work on FY 2016 Budget​Congress took the first major step toward a FY 2016 budget last week with the passage of budget resolutions in the House and the Senate, both of which propose to greatly restrict available funding for student aid and research. Proposes Student Aid Bill of Rights​President Obama, in a visit yesterday to Georgia Tech, announced a plan to streamline the system for servicing federal student loans. by ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on President Obama’s Student Loan PlanThe president's proposed "Student Aid Bill of Rights" would streamline the system for servicing student loans., Higher Education Groups Support Schumer Tax Credit BillACE and 11 other higher education associations sent a letter Feb. 27 to Sen. Charles Schumer (D-NY) in support of his recently introduced bill to make a number of important reforms to the American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. HELP Committee Hears From Regulation Task Force Co-Chairs​A Senate panel heard testimony yesterday from the two chancellors who co-chaired the Task Force on Federal Regulation of Higher Education, which released a report Feb. 12 examining how the federal oversight of colleges and universities has expanded in recent years. Will Look at Assessing Compliance Programs​The National Association of College and University Attorneys, in cooperation with ACE, will present a webinar next week on how to assess a compliance program on your campus., Higher Education Groups Support Regulatory Relief ActBipartisan legislation has been introduced in the House and Senate to block some of the most controversial Department of Education regulations that impact colleges and universities., Higher Education Groups: Administration’s College Ratings Plan Framework Is Not FeasibleIn comments to the Department of Education, they urge other routes to achieve the goals of better consumer information and stronger accountability. to Exempt Student Workers From the Affordable Care Act Reintroduced in the House​ACE and a group of seven higher education associations are endorsing a bill that would exempt full-time students from the ACA's employer mandate, which requires large employers to offer health insurance plans to employees working 30 hours a week or more. Outlines Proposal for Strong Network Neutrality ProtectionsFCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has announced the outlines of a proposal to protect network neutrality that, if approved, will have a significant impact on higher education institutions.’s Proposed FY 2016 Budget Focuses on Higher Education​President Obama's budget request for FY 2016 calls for increasing federal spending on many higher education programs, including his proposal for two free years of community college nationwide. Teacher Preparation Regulations Will Undo Progress Made to Improve Program Quality​In comments to the Education Department, ACE and 30 other higher education groups write that the proposed rules for teacher prep programs will worsen existing challenges and undo progress made by states and institutions to improve program quality., Higher Education Groups Say Tax Bill Important to Increasing College Access​ACE and a group of nine higher education associations sent a letter yesterday to Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) strongly endorsing his American Opportunity Tax Credit Act of 2015, which makes important reforms to the AOTC and Lifetime Learning Credit. Innovation Act Would Implement Much-Needed Visa Reforms​A bipartisan group of senators have introduced a visa reform bill designed to expand the ability of high-skilled workers to live and work in the United States. Presents Community College Proposal as Part of Broader “Middle Class Economics” Plan​President Obama discussed his proposal for two years of free community college as necessary to secure the nation’s future in a “21st century economy that rewards knowledge like never before.” Approves Terrorism Risk Insurance Reauthorization Bill​Congress approved legislation last week to reauthorize the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act, which expired Dec. 31. TRIA is a significant issue for universities, especially those with DI athletic programs or major DoD labs. President Molly Corbett Broad on President Obama’s Community College InitiativePresident Obama has presented an extremely bold proposal, a potential game-changer that could encourage millions more students to consider, apply and enroll in postsecondary education. BUZZ: President Obama Proposes Two Years of Free Community CollegePresident Obama today outlined an ambitious proposal to make community college tuition-free nationwide in a speech at Knoxville’s Pellissippi State Community College., Higher Education Groups Say Cost Estimates for Teacher Prep Rules “Unrealistically Low”Read about the comments sent by ACE and a group of 22 higher education associations sent to OMB on the cost implications of the Education Department's proposed regulations for teacher preparation programs. of Education Releases Status Report on Ratings System PlanThe Department of Education Friday released the “draft framework” of the agency’s planned college ratings system. President Molly Corbett Broad on the Department of Education’s College Ratings Framework​The Department of Education has worked hard and engaged in extensive consultation to produce a thoughtful report on the status of its planned ratings system. However, in reality this is a status report on the beginning of a conceptual framework. Extends Tax Credits Important to Higher Education, Fails to Act on Terrorism Insurance Program​The Senate yesterday approved an extension of $45 billion in expiring tax incentives, including several major provisions important to higher education before senators left town for the year and formally wrapped up the business of the 113th Congress. Education Funding Remains Flat in FY 2015 Spending BillHigher education funding remains mostly flat under the $1.1 trillion spending bill that funds most federal agencies through the fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, 2015. College and University EndowmentsA new ACE publication outlines the importance of these funds in helping institutions support their educational missions and answers frequently asked questions about their purpose and use. Uncertainty on Federal Spending Bill, a Potential Problem for Pell Grants​As congressional leaders continue to debate funding the federal government for the remainder of the 2015 fiscal year, reports have circulated of a proposal in the Senate to cut $2 billion in Pell Grant funding. President Molly Corbett Broad on the Death of ACE General Counsel Ada MeloyACE mourns the loss of a dear colleague and friend. Files Brief in Appeal of O’Bannon Case​ACE submitted a friend-of-the-court brief Friday in support of the National College Athletic Association’s (NCAA) appeal in the class-action antitrust lawsuit filed by Ed O’Bannon. Hearing Looks at Copyright Issues in Education​A House Judiciary subcommittee today heard testimony on Copyright Issues in Education and for the Visually Impaired as Congress continues to consider whether to revise the Copyright Act, last overhauled in 1976. BUZZ: Education Department Releases Final Gainful Employment Rule​The Department of Education today released the final rule on gainful employment, an effort to ensure that individuals who enroll in career training programs will earn enough money to repay their student loans., Education Groups File Brief in Study Abroad Liability CaseACE, the National Association of Independent Schools and 26 education groups have submitted a friend-of-the-court brief in support of The Hotchkiss School as the institution appeals a federal court ruling in a study-abroad liability case. Use Case Sent Back to Lower CourtThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit issued its opinion Oct. 17 in Cambridge University Press v. Patton, the case challenging the use of various scholarly works in the Georgia State University library’s electronic reserves. Department Issues Final Rules Aimed at Campus Safety​The Department of Education has issued final rules to implement changes to the Clery Act made by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA), which President Obama signed into law last year. Opens Survey to Admissions and Enrollment Management LeadersThe results will inform a new study to examine how legal challenges to race-conscious admissions have changed contemporary admissions practices. Education Groups Submit Suggestions for Updating White House Innovation Strategy​ACE and four other higher education associations have submitted comments on updating a 2011 Obama administration policy document, A Strategy for American Innovation. Hill Event Addresses Accountability and Minority-Serving Institutions, StudentsScholars scrutinized the impact of the Obama administration’s proposed college ratings plan and other policies on minority-serving institutions and minority students Tuesday at a Capitol Hill forum hosted by the UCLA Civil Rights Project and cosponsored by ACE’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy, among others. Education Groups Comment on Senate HEA Discussion Draft​ACE and a group of 20 associations have submitted comments to the Senate HELP committee on the Harkin Higher Education Act reauthorization discussion draft., Higher Education Groups Endorse Bills to Exempt Student Workers from Affordable Care Act​ACE and a group of seven higher education associations have sent letters in support of two bills that would exempt full-time students from the ACA’s employer mandate. Bill Includes In-state Tuition ProvisionBoth the House and Senate this week voted overwhelmingly to approve a $16.3-billion compromise bill to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and speed up veterans' access to healthcare. Introduce Campus Sexual Assault Legislation​A bipartisan group of eight senators, led by Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO), have unveiled a bill aimed at mitigating sexual assaults on college campuses. Approves HEA Reauthorization, Tax Simplification BillsWith the August recess in sight, the House has approved a package of three Higher Education Act reauthorization bills and the Student and Family Tax Simplification Act. Submits Comments on Changes to the Clery Act​ACE has submitted comments to the Department of Education on proposed regulations to implement changes to the Clery Act made by the Violence Against Women Act Reauthorization Act, which was signed into law last year., Other Organizations File Comments With FCC Stressing Importance of Net NeutralityACE and 10 other organizations emphasized the importance of protecting and promoting an open Internet in comments filed July 18 with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the agency considers so-called net neutrality rules. Approves Permanent Extension of IRA Charitable Rollover​The House of Representatives last week voted 277-130 to approve the America Gives More Act of 2014 (H.R. 4719), a package of five charitable giving tax provisions, including a permanent extension of the IRA Charitable Rollover. at Austin's Consideration of Race in Admissions Ruled Legal by Appeals CourtA federal appeals court has ruled that the University of Texas at Austin’s use of race as one of many factors in admissions decisions meets the standards set last year by the U.S. Supreme Court. Is Sept. 5 for New DoD Tuition Assistance Memo of UnderstandingInstitutions participating in the Defense Department's Tuition Assistance program have until Sept. 5 to sign a new memorandum of understanding to ensure service members on their campuses continue to receive tuition support., Other Groups Release Net Neutrality PrinciplesACE and 10 other organizations released a set of “net neutrality” principles last week in support of maintaining the openness of the Internet. Committee Passes Package of Higher Education Act BillsThe House Education and the Workforce Committee dove headlong into the Higher Education Act last week, passing three bills as the initial legislative action of its reauthorization effort. Issues Talking Points on Student and Family Tax Simplification ActAlso see the testimony submitted to the Senate Finance Committee for the June 24 hearing on higher education and the tax code. Amicus Brief Supports Northwestern in College Athlete Unionization Case​Students who participate in intercollegiate athletics and receive athletic scholarships are not employees, says the brief filed by ACE and four other higher education groups. Hearing Looks at Efforts to Address Campus Sexual ViolenceThe Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions held a hearing yesterday on “Sexual Assault on Campus: Working to Ensure Student Safety,” continuing the federal government’s efforts to weigh in on this very sensitive and complex issue. Committee Approves Student and Family Tax Simplification ActThe House Ways and Means Committee voted 22-13 June 24 to approve legislation to consolidate four higher education tax provisions into one. Unveils Bill to Reauthorize the Higher Education ActSenate Democrats have introduced legislation to reauthorize the Higher Education Act (HEA), while House Republicans issue a blueprint that outlines their upcoming HEA bills. Department Issues Proposed Rule on Campus Sexual Assault​The Obama Administration yesterday released a proposed rule to implement changes to the Clery Act under the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2013, which President Obama signed in March 2013. BUZZ: Senators Propose Bill to Simplify FAFSASens. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Michael Bennet (D-CO) yesterday proposed legislation that eventually could be wrapped into the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act (HEA). The Financial Aid Simplification and Transparency (FAST) Act, among other provisions, would simplify the 108-question Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Court Rules HathiTrust Digital Library Is Fair Use​The creation of a full-text searchable book database is a ‘‘quintessentially transformative use’’ of a copyrighted work, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has ruled. Expands Income-Based Repayment for Student LoansPresident Obama announced a series of executive actions June 9 on federal student loans, including a memorandum directing the expansion of the Pay As You Earn program. President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on Student Loan Repayment Program ExpansionPresident Obama's decision to expand the "Pay As You Earn" student loan repayment plan is an important step that will make several million more Americans eligible for this generous option. Comments on Administration's Proposed Gainful Employment RulesACE weighs in on ED's proposed rules on gainful employment, the administration’s effort to ensure students who enroll in career training programs will earn enough money to repay their student loans. Committee Looks at College Athletes and UnionizationIn the wake of last month’s decision by the NLRB to classify Northwestern University football players as employees, the House Education and the Workforce Committee held a hearing May 8 to discuss college athletes and unionization. Success for Student Veterans Focus of House HearingThe House Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity held a hearing May 8 to look at "Defining and Improving Success for Student Veterans" and the current state of the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Now Available on Camp Tax Reform PlanNACUBO has released a webinar looking at the higher education provisions in the tax reform package introduced in February by House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dave Camp (R-MI) and their implications for colleges and universities. Urges Congress to Close the Innovation DeficitResearch and development spending in the United States has remained essentially flat over the past decade, while China and South Korea have boosted their investment 90 and 50 percent, respectively. President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on Report by the White House Sexual Assault Task ForceCollege and university presidents are firmly committed to providing safe, secure environments for their students, said ACE President Molly Corbett Broad in a statement on the Task Force report. Force Issues Recommendations for Responding to Campus Sexual AssaultThe White House Task Force to Protect Students From Sexual Assault released its first report this morning, which includes new guidelines to help colleges and universities prevent, identify and respond to sexual assault on campus. Memo Gives Guidance for Inviting Federal Officials to CommencementThis memo is designed to help colleges and universities better understand how to comply with federal ethics and reporting requirements when inviting government officials to speak at commencement. BUZZ: U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Michigan Ban on Considering Race in Admissions, Leaves Fisher Decision IntactThe U.S. Supreme Court issued a major higher education decision yesterday, a 6-2 ruling that reverses the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision in Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action. President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on Schuette v. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action RulingACE President Molly Corbett Broad’s statement on the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the case which sought to overturn Michigan’s ban on considering diversity in college admissions decisions. Joins Brief in Accreditation LawsuitACE signed on to an amicus brief filed Friday in an accreditation case on appeal from a federal district court in Virginia, Professional Massage Training Center v. Accreditation Alliance of Career Schools and Colleges (AACSC). President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on U.Va. FOIA RulingWe are gratified that the Supreme Court of Virginia recognized the importance of safeguarding the free exchange of ideas that is integral to the academic environment at American colleges and universities. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of U.Va. in FOIA CaseThe Virginia Supreme Court has ruled in favor of U.Va. in its attempt to protect researchers and their work from unwarranted access through the commonwealth’s Freedom of Information Act. Brief Stresses Importance of Internships to College StudentsACE and a group of higher education association filed an amicus brief this week in the high-profile case Glatt v. Fox Searchlight Pictures, Inc., which deals with the legality of unpaid internships., Higher Education Associations Comment on Camp Tax Reform PlanACE, along with 10 other higher education associations, sent comments April 4 to Rep. Dave Camp (R-MI), chair of the House Ways and Means Committee, on his recently released comprehensive tax reform plan. GOP Budget Proposes Freezing Maximum Pell Grant, Cutting $5.1 Trillion in Federal Spending Over 10 YearsThe House Republicans budget proposal for FY 2015 would freeze the maximum Pell Grant award for 10 years and roll back other recent expansions of that program. Reaches Consensus on Draft Rules for New Campus Safety LawThe Department of Education ED panel working on draft regulations for the Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act (SaVE Act) reached consensus on proposed language yesterday in the last of its three negotiated rulemaking sessions., Higher Education Associations Urge Lawmakers to Extend Tuition Tax Deduction and IRA Charitable RolloverOn behalf of 13 other higher education associations, ACE President Molly Corbett Broad has urged House and Senate tax-writing committee leaders to include extensions of two key higher education provisions in any tax extenders legislation enacted this year., Higher Ed Groups Support Pacific Lutheran in Faculty Unionization CaseACE and six higher education associations have submitted an amicus brief to the National Labor Relations Board in support of Pacific Lutheran University in a case dealing with the unionization of full-time, non-tenure-track instructors. ACE Analysis Scrutinizes Impacts of College Ranking SystemsA new ACE issue brief finds that college rankings often have detrimental effects on institutions and that students—particularly low-income students—do not use them when choosing among their higher education options. Releases New Draft Rules for Career Education ProgramsThe Department of Education has released new draft rules for career education programs, an effort to ensure students who enroll in these programs will earn enough money to repay their student loans., Disrupt, Repeat: The 2014 Atwell LectureUniversity of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman discussed higher education's need to innovate and be more entrepreneurial in the opening address at ACE's 96th Annual Meeting. From ACE's 96th Annual MeetingRead about the speakers, sessions, award winners and more from ACE's 96th Annual Meeting in San Diego. Submits Comments to President’s Sexual Assault Task ForceACE and six higher education associations have submitted comments to the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assault, outlining a series of recommendations to consider as it drafts a proposal in response to the president’s call to action. Education Groups Endorse Student Achievement Measure InitiativeNine national higher education organizations have endorsed the Student Achievement Measure (SAM), a collaborative effort by the association community to track student attendance across institutions. Releases FY 2015 Budget ProposalPresident Obama's budget request for FY 2015 calls for new money to provide bonuses to colleges that bolster graduation rates for Pell Grant recipients and help support the development of the administration’s proposed college rating system., 56 Groups Ask IRS to Maintain Current Campaign Activity Rules for Colleges and UniversitiesACE and a group of higher education organizations have submitted comments to the IRS in response to the agency's query about whether proposed restrictions​ on campaign-related activities should be extended to 501(c)(3) organizations. Urges Congress to Close the Innovation DeficitA coalition of 14 business, higher education, and scientific organizations has launched a video that urges Congress to “Close the Innovation Deficit” with strong federal investments in research and higher education. Ask Appropriations Leaders to Restore Higher Education Funding in FY 2015ACE and 16 other higher education groups sent a letter yesterday to House and Senate Appropriations Committee leaders requesting higher education funding be increased in the FY 2015 spending bills the committees soon will begin drafting., Higher Education Leaders Write House in Support of Immigration ReformACE President Molly Corbett Broad and the leaders of 14 other higher education associations sent a letter Feb. 12 to the House urging it to move forward on immigration reform. Education Groups Respond to Obama Administration's College Ratings PlanRead comments from ACE and 24 higher education associations on the Obama administration's proposed Postsecondary Institution Ratings System. Resources Available for Collaborations Between Multicultural Education and Internationalization​The At Home in the World Toolkit is a collection of videos, graphics and other resources on the overlap between diversity and international education initiatives at colleges and universities. BUZZ: President Focuses on Job Training, Economic Growth in State of the UnionIn his fifth State of the Union address, the president continued his well established focus on the transformative nature of education and its ability to improve the nation’s economy and people’s lives. Creates Task Force on Campus Sexual AssaultPresident Obama vows to work with colleges and universities on strategies to keep students safe and help “put those plans into practice.” BUZZ: Congressional Negotiators Release Omnibus Spending BillAmong the provisions in the final FY 2014 omnibus spending package are increases for research and student aid programs that begin to restore spending to pre-sequestration levels. President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on Boycotts of Israeli Academic InstitutionsSeveral scholarly associations have voted on formal motions to boycott activities involving faculty and staff at Israeli academic institutions. Such actions are misguided and greatly troubling, as they strike at the heart of academic freedom. President Molly Corbett Broad's Statement on the Gallup-Purdue IndexThe Gallup-Purdue Index is a promising new addition in our continuing efforts to advance the understanding of the benefits of higher education. Submits Amicus Brief in U.Va. FOIA CaseACE filed an amicus brief yesterday in the Supreme Court of Virginia in the case of American Tradition Institute v. the University of Virginia. BUZZ: House, Senate Negotiators Reach Deal on Federal BudgetBudget negotiators have announced a bipartisan deal to set spending levels for the federal government through FY 2015 and partially replace sequestration cuts with other savings. Education Groups Urge Budget Committee to Support Education and ResearchACE and 34 higher education groups ask congressional committees to eliminate sequestration cuts and prioritize investment in higher education and research. v. UT Admissions Case Returns to Lower Court; ACE Submits BriefACE and a group of 41 higher education associations yesterday submitted another brief in the ongoing diversity in admissions case, Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (UT). Board: Tuition Increases Slow, Grant Aid Is Not Keeping UpThe College Board released its annual “trends” reports this morning, and the findings represent a mixed picture for college costs and student aid. of ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on College Board Trend ReportsThe College Board’s 2013 Trends in Student Aid and College Pricing reports present a mixed picture. The good news is the rate of increase in tuition for public four-year and community colleges is at its lowest in recent years. Court Hears Case on Reversing Michigan Ban on Considering Race in AdmissionsThe U.S. Supreme Court on Oct. 15 heard a challenge to Michigan’s ban on the consideration of race and ethnicity in college admissions decisions at public higher education institutions. Publication Helps Policymakers Understand Federal Financial AidFrom Pell Grants to unsubsidized loans to creating a financial aid package, this report helps explain the complex network of federal higher education programs. Education Associations Release Statement on Federal Government ShutdownACE and five other higher education associations released a statement Thursday expressing concern over the federal government shutdown., Higher Education Groups Submit Comments on Tuition Assistance MOU​ACE, the National Association of College and University Business Officers, and a group of nine higher education associations submitted comments Sept. 30 on the Department of Defense’s proposed rule for its Tuition Assistance program memorandum of understanding. 101 Helps Campuses Educate Students About New Health Insurance MarketplaceWith open enrollment in the new health insurance marketplace beginning this week, the Obama administration has issued a toolkit for colleges and universities to help inform students about the marketplace and other aspects of the Affordable Care Act., DOJ Release Guidance on Using Race to Achieve Diversity on College CampusesThe departments of Education and Justice have released new Q&A guidance document that outlines the Obama administration’s position on the use of race to achieve diversity on college campuses. Education Leaders Urge House to Maintain Funding for NEHACE President Molly Corbett Broad and the leaders of 22 other higher education groups sent a letter Sept. 20 to the House to express concern over the drastic funding cuts proposed for the National Endowment for the Humanities. Administration to Hold Panel Discussion on Diversity in Higher EducationThe U.S. Departments of Education (ED) and Justice (DOJ) have scheduled a panel discussion on “Creating and Supporting Diversity in Higher Education” for Sept. 27 from 9:30-11:00 a.m. EDT at DOJ’s offices in Washington, DC., House Hold HEA Reauthorization Hearings​The Senate and House are moving forward on preparations to reauthorize the Higher Education Act, the primary law governing federal higher education programs., ACE to Hold Symposium & Workshop on Higher Education ComplianceThe National Association of College and University Attorneys, in cooperation with ACE, will hold a symposium and workshop Nov. 6-8 on “Higher Education Compliance Programs and Obligations.” of Copyrighted Music on College and University CampusesA joint report by ACE and NACUBO on how campuses might handle music copyright issues. Ed Groups Ask Supreme Court to Strike Down Michigan Ban on Considering Race in College AdmissionsACE and 48 higher education groups submit brief to the U.S. Supreme Court urging justices to strike down Michigan’s ban on the consideration of race and ethnicity in admissions decisions. of ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on President Obama’s Higher Education ProposalsBroad calls the president's plan "a sweeping, thoughtful proposal" which contains many details that will have to be explored in the months ahead. BUZZ: Obama Bus Tour to Focus on College CostsMany of this morning’s papers covered the news that President Obama will propose new policies on containing college costs during a bus tour of New York and Pennsylvania beginning Aug. 22., SUNY COIL Center Announce Internationalization Technology AwardsACE and the SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning have created an awards program to recognize the use of technology to enhance institutional internationalization and the global competence of U.S. students.’s Kanter Steps Down; ACE President Offers ReactionUnder Secretary of Education Martha Kanter has announced she will leave her post in the coming months. See ACE President Molly Corbett Broad's statement praising Kanter’s tenure. Issues Proposed Rule on Military Tuition Assistance Program MOUThe Department of Defense (DoD) has issued a new proposed rule for its memorandum of understanding (MOU), which colleges and universities must sign to participate in DoD's Tuition Assistance program., Higher Ed Groups Offer Ideas on the Higher Education ActIn response to a request from the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, ACE and 38 higher education groups have submitted suggestions for rewriting the Higher Education Act., Higher Education Associations Comment on Proposed Revisions to National Student Loan Data SystemACE sent a letter July 29 to the Department of Education expressing concern that proposed revisions to the National Student Loan Data System would expand the federal student financial aid database in ways that may not be appropriate. Education Leaders Urge House to Pass Comprehensive Immigration ReformACE President Molly Corbett Broad and the leaders of 12 other higher education associations encourage the House to pass meaningful, comprehensive immigration reform legislation., Higher Education Groups Ask House to Vote for Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty ActACE sent a letter to the House today on behalf of nine other higher education associations urging House members to support the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013., Other Higher Education Associations Express Support for Senate Student Loan BillACE and a number of other higher education associations ask senators to vote for the Bipartisan Student Loan Certainty Act of 2013 (S. 1334). of ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on Senate Student Loan AgreementOn behalf of our 1,800 college and university members, representing all sectors of higher education, ACE strongly supports the Senate's compromise agreement on student loan interest rates. MOOCs—Key Legal and Policy Issues for Colleges and UniversitiesThe National Association of College and University Attorneys, in cooperation with ACE, will hold a webinar July 25 on the key legal and policy issues regarding massive open online courses (MOOCs). Work-Study Program Helps Veterans Earn While They LearnLearn more about the VA's Work-Study Program, which employs student veterans for up to 20 hours in activities such as helping with campus veteran support services or working at a veterans' hospital. Appropriations Subcommittee Approves FY 2014 Spending BillThe Senate Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education and Related Agencies Appropriations Subcommittee yesterday approved a $164.3 billion spending bill for FY 2014 that provides funding for the Obama administration’s “Race to the Top” program for higher education, as well as modest funding increases for some postsecondary programs. Education Community: Diversity on College Campuses Remains Essential National PriorityIn the wake of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, the higher education community stands committed to furthering the goals of equal opportunity and diversity on college campuses. Passes Comprehensive Immigration Reform BillThe Senate approves a historic plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system, a measure that contains a number of provisions strongly supported by the higher education community, including a DREAM Act for students. Student Loan Rates Double July 1Students applying for new federally subsidized student loans will see the interest rate double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent Monday after Congress failed to pass legislation preventing the automatic hike. Supreme Court Hands Down Rulings in Higher Education Employment CasesAlong with Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, the U.S. Supreme Court today issued two other rulings of interest to the higher education community—Vance v. Ball State and UT Southwestern Medical Center v. Nassar. President Molly Corbett Broad on Fisher v. University of TexasWe are deeply gratified that the court agrees with the higher education community—diversity on our campuses offers unique educational benefits to students and is a compelling government interest. Supreme Court Rules in Fisher v. University of Texas at AustinThe U.S. Supreme Court issued a decision today in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (UT), ordering lower courts to take another look at the challenge to UT’s use of race and ethnicity in its admissions process.;-Debate-Expected-to-Last-a-Month.aspxSenate Moves Forward on Immigration Bill; Debate Expected to Last a Month​The Senate voted 84-15 yesterday to move forward on considering a comprehensive, bipartisan plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system, setting up what is expected to be a month-long debate on the bill.’s Hartle Testifies Before Senate Subcommittee on DoD Tuition Assistance ProgramBalance is needed between protecting service members and taxpayers and ensuring that program requirements don’t keep institutions from participating, ACE Senior Vice President Terry W. Hartle tells a Senate subcommittee. Files Amicus Brief in Digital Copyright CaseACE has submitted a brief in the case Authors Guild v. HathiTrust Digital Library, in which the Authors Guild is charging that the digital repository is violating copyright by making some of its members’ work freely available., Higher Education Groups Request U.S. Supreme Court Review of OSU Student Alliance v. RayACE has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court to request a hearing in a case that looks at whether a public university president can be held legally responsible for actions performed by other administrators without the president’s knowledge. Passes Student Loan BillThe House of Representatives voted 221-198 May 23 to approve the Smarter Solutions for Students Act (H.R. 1911), legislation intended to address the upcoming interest rate increase for subsidized student loans. Judiciary Committee Approves Sweeping Immigration Reform BillThe Senate Judiciary Committee has approved a comprehensive plan to overhaul the nation's immigration system, which includes a version of the DREAM Act and other higher education provisions. Loan Bill Moves Forward in HouseAction heated up in the House and Senate last week on the looming interest rate increase for subsidized student loans, which is slated to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent July 1., Higher Education Groups Offer Guiding Principles on Student Loan ReformACE and 14 higher education associations release a statement of principles for lawmakers to consider as they craft legislation to address the looming interest rate increase for subsidized student loans. Argues There Is Scant Evidence Proving Federal Aid Drives Up College PricesIn a new monograph written for ACE, Donald E. Heller argues there is scant evidence of a relationship between changes in federal student aid and tuition increases. Board Releases Guide to Upcoming Supreme Court Decision in Fisher v. UTIn preparation for the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, the College Board's Access and Diversity Collaborative has released the guide, "Preparing for the Fisher Decision: Are You Ready? BUZZ: Student Loan Interest Rate Proposals Emerge From CongressA range of legislative choices to revamp the federal student loan system emerged in Congress this week, as the interest rate on subsidized student loans is poised to double from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent July 1., Higher Education Groups Weigh In on Senate Immigration BillACE and 12 other higher education groups sent a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee today on the recently introduced comprehensive immigration bill, calling the measure an “important step.” Submits Amicus Brief in Support of GSU in Fair Use CaseACE has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit in a case that examines whether it is “fair use” for professors to reserve small excerpts of academic works online for review by their students. Testifies on Insuring Adjunct Faculty and Student Workers Under ACASteven Bloom, director of federal relations at ACE, testified at an April 23 hearing of the IRS and the Treasury Department about regulations which would affect coverage for adjunct faculty and student campus employees under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.’s Hartle Testifies to House Panel Preparing for Higher Education Act ReauthorizationACE Senior Vice President Terry Hartle spoke before the House Subcommittee on Higher Education and Workforce Training April 16 at the hearing “Keeping College Within Reach: The Role of Federal Student Aid Programs.”, Higher Education Associations Urge Lawmakers to Support Higher Education Tax Provisions, Safeguard the Charitable Giving DeductionOn behalf of a number of higher education associations, ACE President Molly Corbett Broad this week submitted comments to a pair of House Ways and Means Committee Tax Reform Working Groups, one on education and family benefits and the other on charitable/exempt organizations. Branches Reinstate Tuition Assistance ProgramsThe Army, Air Force and Marines have reopened their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs to service members following a congressional mandate in last month’s FY 2013 continuing resolution. Holds Hearing on Bill to Grant In-state Tuition Rates for VeteransThe House Committee on Veterans' Affairs Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity held a hearing April 10 on numerous pieces of pending and draft veterans legislation. President Molly Corbett Broad on President Obama's FY 2014 BudgetAs the major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions, ACE welcomes many of the proposals included in the president’s Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Request.’s FY 2014 Budget Proposes Changes to Federal Student Loans, Increases Research FundingPresident Obama released his budget proposal for FY 2014 today, which includes among the higher education provisions a proposal to move to a market-based interest rate on all federal student loans. This includes the interest rate on subsidized Stafford student loans, which are set to double to 6.8 percent July 1 if no action is taken. Approves FY 2014 Budget ProposalThe Senate passed its first formal budget proposal in four years early Saturday, a plan which would fully fund Pell Grants and eliminate future shortfalls from the program, among other provisions of interest to higher education. Campus Obligations Under Violence Against Women ActACE has prepared a brief memo that reviews new obligations for colleges and universities under the Violence Against Women Act, which are effective March 7, 2014. Approves FY 2013 Spending Bill; Both Chambers Turn to FY 2014 BudgetThe Senate voted 73-26 today to approve its version of the FY 2013 spending package (HR. 993) needed to fund the federal government through the end of the fiscal year on Sept. 30. Urges DoD to Restore Funding for Military Tuition Assistance ProgramsACE and 12 other higher education associations sent a letter to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today, requesting that he reconsider recent decisions by most branches of the military to suspend their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs. Supports UT Medical School in Title VII Retaliation Burden of Proof CaseACE has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in a case that will decide what an employee must prove in order to prevail on a claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act that his employer retaliated against him. Results in Suspension of Military Tuition Assistance ProgramsThe Army and Marine Corps have announced they are suspending new enrollments in the their Tuition Assistance (TA) programs due to sequestration, the massive cuts to federal discretionary spending that took effect March 1. Kirwan Addresses Social Equity and College Completion in 2013 Atwell LectureWilliam E. Kirwan, chancellor of the University System of Maryland, opened ACE’s 95th Annual Meeting yesterday with the Robert H. Atwell Lecture, “The Completion Imperative: Harnessing Change to Meet Our Responsibilities.” Education Forum Urges Congress to Avoid SequestrationThe members of the Business-Higher Education Forum (BHEF) have appealed to President Obama and congressional leaders to avert sequestration, the across-the-board federal spending cuts set to take effect March 1. Supports University of Oregon in Graduate Student Discrimination LawsuitACE and six other higher education associations have filed an amicus brief in support of the University of Oregon (UO), urging the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case arising out of a dispute with a former doctoral student who filed a discrimination lawsuit after her dissertation committee fell apart. of New Hampshire President Huddleston Represents ACE at House Charitable Giving HearingUniversity of New Hampshire (UNH) President Mark Huddleston testified on behalf of ACE and 10 other higher education associations yesterday at a House Ways and Means Committee hearing on “Tax Reform and Charitable Contributions.” BUZZ: President Obama’s State of the Union Address and Higher EducationPresident Obama raised several major higher education issues during Tuesday’s State of the Union address, including college affordability and the need for strong federal backing of research funding. Report: Pell Grants on Solid FootingThe Congressional Budget Office (CBO) yesterday released detailed estimates on funding for the federal Pell Grant and student loan programs. The estimates represented very good news about the overall health of Pell Grant funding and showed some positive trends in student borrowing. Releases Proposed Rules on Contraception Coverage at Religious Institutions, Self-Funded Student Health Insurance PlansThe Obama Administration moved forward last week on two regulations implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) that impact colleges and universities: Contraceptive coverage at religious institutions—including religiously affiliated colleges—and self-funded student health insurance plans. Issues Paper on Higher Education Under SequestrationACE has issued a paper detailing the impact on higher education if Congress cannot agree on a plan to deal with the looming budget sequestration, the massive cuts to discretionary spending scheduled to take effect March 1. BUZZ: Senate, Obama Immigration Plans Touch on Higher EducationPresident Obama laid out plans for comprehensive immigration reform in a Las Vegas speech Tuesday afternoon, on the heels of a bipartisan group of eight senators who released a similar proposal on Monday. Education Leaders Call for Bold Action on AttainmentIn an open letter released today, leading college and university presidents call upon their colleagues to make retention and completion a critical campus priority to stem the unacceptable loss of human potential represented by the number of students who never make it to graduation. Education Associations Comment on Ways to Strengthen Department of Defense Student Complaint FormACE and other higher education associations have submitted comments to the Department of Defense (DoD) about a planned federal complaint system for students receiving federal military and veterans educational benefits. Cliff Bill Contains Tax Incentives for College Students and FamiliesThe fiscal cliff legislation Congress approved on Jan. 1 contains a number of tax provisions that will benefit students and families, along with new limits to the charitable giving deduction that may impact higher education institutions. Provides Guidance to Institutions on Processing Post-9/11 GI Bill BenefitsThe Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has sent a letter with suggestions for how college and university administrators can assist the VA as the agency works to improve the timely processing of Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits. Releases Revised Tuition Assistance MemoThe Department of Defense (DoD) on Thursday announced the release of the long-awaited memorandum of understanding (MOU) colleges and universities must sign to participate in DoD's Tuition Assistance program. KnowHow2GO Surpasses $200 Million Mark in Donated Media SpaceThe national campaign KnowHow2GO (KH2GO) has received $215 million in donated media space for its efforts over nearly six years to encourage students in grades 8–10 to prepare for college. Issue Brief Explores African American and Hispanic College Attainment GapsA new issue brief from ACE sheds light on why certain racial and ethnic minorities—specifically African Americans and Hispanics—have lower levels of postsecondary degree attainment. The Education Gap: Understanding African American and Hispanic Attainment Disparities in Higher Education is the first in a series of four briefs on diversity and inclusion issues. The series is generously supported by the GE Foundation. Court Hears Arguments in Workplace Discrimination Case That Could Impact CampusesThe U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments yesterday in Vance v. Ball State University, a case that could decide who can be considered a “job supervisor” in a federal workplace discrimination lawsuit. Education Groups Urge Caution on Charitable Giving DeductionACE and a coalition of higher education associations have sent letters to President Obama and Congress, urging caution when considering changes to the charitable giving tax deduction as part of negotiations to end the so-called fiscal cliff., National Student Clearinghouse Explore More Comprehensive Graduation RateA new analysis of postsecondary graduation rates by ACE finds that markedly more students have actually completed or are still pursuing their education than is indicated by the current federal method of reporting graduation rates. President Molly Corbett Broad on the Re-Election of President Barack ObamaThe American Council on Education congratulates President Barack Obama on his re-election. I join more than 3,000 college and university presidents across the country in wishing him well as he embarks on a second term in January. BUZZ: Obama Wins Second TermAs the higher education community reviews the results of yesterday’s election, there is particular interest in the potential impact on colleges and universities of President Barack Obama’s re-election, a new Congress and state ballot initiatives. Some media reports focused on President Obama’s record on student aid and attainment as well as his administration’s regulatory agenda. ACE President Molly Corbett Broad congratulated the president in a statement. Court to Hear Case on Definition of Supervisor in Job Bias SuitACE submits amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of Ball State University (IN) in a case that could decide who can be considered a “job supervisor” in a federal workplace discrimination lawsuit. BUZZ: College Board Reports Find Slowdown in Growth of College CostsThis year’s reports from the College Board found a substantial slowdown in sticker prices at four-year public universities, where the average 4.8 percent increase was the smallest rise in more than a decade. of ACE President Molly Corbett Broad on College Board Trend ReportsThe good news is that tuition increases have moderated at both public and private colleges and universities, but the bad news is that tuition continues to outpace inflation and growth in family income. Works to Collaborate With the Navy on Higher Education Pathways for VeteransAfter a meeting earlier this year between ACE President Molly Corbett Broad and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus, discussions are ongoing about how the Council can further assist veterans seeking a college degree. Court Hears Arguments in UT Admissions CaseThe U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments October 10th in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin (UT), a case involving the constitutionality of the university’s use of race and ethnicity in its admissions process. Approves FY 2013 Funding Bill, Leaves Until After ElectionThe Senate gave final approval on Friday to a temporary spending bill, known as a continuing resolution (CR), to keep the government funded at current levels through March 27, 2013. BUZZ: Higher Education Under SequestrationThe White House released a report Friday outlining the impact of what is known as “sequestration,” the deep cuts facing most federal programs on Jan. 1 if Congress cannot devise a plan by the end of the year to reduce the deficit. As expected, the effects on higher education would be significant. Moves Forward on Veterans Consumer Information BillsCongress moved forward this week with legislation designed to provide additional consumer information and protections for veterans using G.I. Bill education benefits. Submitting U.S. Supreme Court Brief Supporting University of Texas Admissions PolicyACE today is submitting an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court in support of the University of Texas at Austin (UT), urging the court to reaffirm the constitutionality of the university's use of race and ethnicity in its admissions process. Education Groups Urge Congress to Extend Expiring Tax IncentivesACE today sent a letter to the House Ways and Means and Senate Finance committees, urging Congress to pass extensions of expired and expiring higher education tax incentives. Joins NYU in Arguing Against Graduate Student UnionizationACE brief to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on whether to allow private college graduate students to unionize in two cases involving New York University. BUZZ: Government Report Details Private Student Loan Debt RiskThe Education Department and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) released a report finding that private student loans, which make up $150 billion of the more than $1 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, are much riskier than federal student loans for both the student and the co-signer. Subcommittee Approves Education Funding for FY 2013A House Appropriations Subcommittee today voted 8-6 to approve a $70 billion Education Department (ED) budget for FY 2013 that includes a slight increase to the maximum Pell Grant award. Asks NLRB to Defer to Supreme Court Decision on Faculty UnionizationIn a brief filed July 6 with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), ACE said the board should adhere to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that faculty members are managerial employees and thus ineligible for collective bargaining. Student Loan Interest Rate Hike Staved Off for at Least One More YearCongress passed legislation Friday to keep the interest rate on subsidized Stafford student loans from doubling to 6.8 percent, but only after weeks of negotiations and just two days before the increase was due to take effect. Extended for Campuses to Sign VA’s “Principles of Excellence” for Serving Veterans and Service MembersVA has announced the deadline to express intent to comply with the "Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members" has been extended to Aug. 1. Court Upholds Affordable Care ActThe Supreme Court yesterday ruled 5-4 that President Obama’s signature overhaul of the nation’s health care system—the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—is constitutional.,-Veterans-Education-Principles-of-Excellence.aspxHigher Education Groups Request Clarification on Service Member, Veterans Education Principles of ExcellenceACE and the National Association of College and University Business Officers NACUBO, along with 11 other higher education associations, have asked the Obama administration to clarify certain provisions in the recent executive order on service member and veterans education. Court of Ohio Rules in Favor of Ohio State in Student Records CaseThe Supreme Court of Ohio issued a ruling yesterday in favor of The Ohio State University in its quest to protect student privacy in dealing with a request for information from ESPN. Supreme Court Rules in Favor of University of Minnesota in Student Discipline CaseThe Minnesota Supreme Court today upheld a lower court decision in favor of the University of Minnesota in the case Tatro v. the University of Minnesota, which dealt with the university’s right to enforce academic codes of conduct and professional ethics. BUZZ: New Obama Administration Immigration Policy Enacts Some DREAM Act ProvisionsThe Obama administration has announced a new policy to put into place some provisions of the DREAM Act, making some young people brought to the United States illegally as children safe from deportation proceedings. BUZZ: Education Department Releases Second Round of College Cost ListsThe Department of Education yesterday released its second annual college cost lists. The department's intention is to provide families with more information about the actual price of college and to focus attention on institutions with rapid tuition increa Appropriations Panel Approves Education Funding for FY 2013A Senate Appropriations Committee subcommittee Tuesday approved a $68.5 billion Education Department budget for FY 2013, including a slight hike to the maximum Pell Grant. Releases Accreditation Task Force ReportIn the report of the ACE's National Task Force on Institutional Accreditation released today, academic leaders urge the higher education community to strengthen and improve the quality and public accountability of the institutional accreditation process. Agencies Schedule Webinars to Discuss Executive Order on Military and Veterans EducationThe departments of Defense, Veterans Affairs and Education, in conjunction with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Federal Trade Commission, will present two webinars to discuss the recent executive order on Establishing Principles of Excellence for Educational Institutions Serving Service Members, Veterans, Spouses, and Other Family Members. Court Vacates Decision in University of Illinois FERPA CaseThe U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit has sent The Chicago Tribune’s case against the University of Illinois back to the federal district court, vacating the district court’s judgment and directing it to dismiss the case. Available on Executive Order on Tuition Assistance, Veterans BenefitsHigher education institutions can refer to a memo prepared by the law firm Hogan Lovells US LLP to learn more about President Obama's April 26 executive order directing the departments of Defense (DoD), Veterans Affairs (VA) and Education (ED) to establish "Principles of Excellence to strengthen oversight, enforcement, and accountability" of the Post-9/11 GI Bill and DoD's military tuition assistance program. Ribbon Program Agreement Deadline Is May 15Colleges and universities have until May 15 to submit the new open-ended Yellow Ribbon Program agreements for the 2012-13 academic year to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). BUZZ: Executive Order Targets Deceptive College Recruiting Practices Aimed at VeteransPresident Obama’s executive order aiming to protect veterans from deceptive recruiting practices the White House charges are employed by some for-profit colleges generated a slew of headlines today. Releases Accreditation RecommendationsThe National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity, the panel that advises the education secretary on accrediting agencies, last Friday approved a set of recommendations on revamping the accreditation process in the next reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. Education Groups Request Clarification on Self-Funded Student Health Insurance Plans and ACA RulesACE has asked the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to clarify how self-funded student health insurance may be recognized as providing “minimal essential coverage” under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the health care reform bill signed into law in 2010. Resources on College Costs Available From ACEThe cost of higher education is an issue of ongoing importance to students and families across the nation, as well as policymakers and political candidates. ACE has released two new publications designed to offer data and insight into this complex matter. May Include Post-9/11 GI Bill Benefits in Debt Collection EffortsVA is considering a policy that would alter the way it collects prior debts owed by veterans, a change that could have a significant impact on both veterans and colleges and universities.